Being fearless.

Day 14 of my 100-day writing project

Being fearless.
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Have you ever had a bad experience with someone that gnawed your insides, but you decided to not share it because you didn't know how they'd take it?

I know the feeling. I've been there.

But here's the thing. If you don't voice how you feel, you're never going to know how they'd take it. And this is not about how it makes them feel. This is about you ā€” and about how they've already made you feel.

My biggest advice: Don't water your thoughts down.

If you want to say something, be a sharp shooter. Be direct. If something's made you feel uncomfortable, voice it out. If someone's being unfair to you, take them aside and ask them why. When someone belittles you, stand your ground and tell them that what they're doing is wrong and that you don't appreciate it.

Honestly, you've got nothing to lose. Anyone that's rational enough to evaluate themselves and the people around them would understand what you mean.

If you'd rather wait and think about it, wait all you want, but not for long. The longer you let the decoction brew, the worse the tea tastes, and you might have to dilute it again.

It's all bloody hard.

Do you know what's harder? Not speaking up and letting the chatter take over your mind.

It takes time and practice, but give it a shot, will you? Do everything in your power to be fearless. You're always supported, loved and cherished. šŸ’–

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