Dear Influencer

A letter to all influencers.

Dear Influencer
Photo by Hermes Rivera / Unsplash

Sit on your couches and warm your seats,
post pictures of your vacations and red vegan beets.

Ask people to subscribe to your blog and share your posts.
Spread butter and look at it as if you’ve never seen warm toasts.

Sell your handmade home décor and hand-carved furniture at a discount.
Celebrate birthdays in high-end restaurants with chandeliers hanging from ivory ceilings.

Pick your accessories.
Fluff your pet cushions;
drape them in silk and fleece.

Click pictures of clothes with bright yellows
and marigold prints.
Arrange your nose pins by their sizes.

Layer your faces with makeup and twirl your curls along its auburn streaks.
Shoot videos of your eyelashes throwing filigreed  shadows on your cheeks.

Pirouette in your ballet tutus.
Bake your cakes. Eat your steaks.
Water your plants; unbox your gift hampers while squealing like a cat in labour.

Paint your walls with mud for all I care.
While you’re at it, amplify the voices of those in need.
Help and share. Don’t be a little wimp trying to impress people
in the ‘gram’s dimension of square.

Use it wisely. Use it well.

More importantly, check your facts like you would
if your own life depended on it,
because it does.

Take a stand even if you aren’t getting paid for it.
Don’t be just another influenza.
You don't have to always be viral.

Photo by Fallon Michael on Unsplash