Life lessons

Day 16 of my 100-day writing project.

Life lessons
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A lot has happened today that has rocked my sense of balance. While I'm not ready to share them out yet, I know that life is always going to go out of control. Things won't work out the way we want it to, and we should be ok with it. The more we hold on to a semblance of control, the more things will go out of control. Such is life.

Here are some lessons to live with.

  1. Don't plan for the future too much. For example, I'd planned my day and week to a T today. I was excited to do it all, but absolutely nothing worked out. I pushed my calls, was forced to do a lot of coordination work that physically stressed me out. I spent hours agonising over something, ditched writing, and managed to squeeze it in before the day could end. I attribute this to an early onset of Mercury Retrograde, but really ā€” life is unpredictable. The only way to have control is to accept every card we're being dealt with. But if you're a content creator working with editorial calendars and automations, you absolutely must plan. If it all comes crashing, you know what to do.
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2. Stop searching. Don't seek answers to questions you wouldn't want to know answers for. Confusing right? Most times we question ourselves so much we forget to live in the moment. Where will you be in five years? You don't know. You'll never know until 2026. This gives rise to self-doubt and fear, which turns into envy and eventually, disappointment. Stop the bloody search and look at yourself now.

3. A bird in hand is always worth two in the bush. This is a perfect proverb that underlines the value of what you have right now, versus the value of whatever you chase. The opportunity you chase may never be yours or may not come to you right now. Let it go. Let it flow. It'll come back to you if it's meant to.

4. Don't get bogged down by mediocrity. Marketing is overvalued, mediocrity is celebrated and excellence is swept under the carpet of quick-reads and Twitter threads on tools and plug-ins. What should you do? Be consistent. Create when no one's watching. People will read your work silently for hours and refuse to engage with you. That's ok. The longer you're consistent, the easier it gets to market yourself. Also, mediocrity is subjective. What's mediocre to you may seem excellent to someone else. You can't be the judge for everything on the internet. šŸ¤·šŸ½ā€ā™€ļø

5. Insecurity breeds contempt. The longer you care about what someone else thinks about you, the worse you'll feel about yourself. People will judge. People will talk. People will even laugh at you. But the ones that judge you, talk about you and laugh at you can't do what you're doing. Stop being so hard on yourself. Love yourself. You deserve the best.

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