Ruby Strands

Stories in the sun.

Ruby Strands
Photo by Daniel Silva Gaxiola / Unsplash

Her ruby strands glisten along with her golden streaks.
Entwined and bound together,
with a thread made from a lightning’s glow.
The golds reflect in her jades,
before they turn into shades of lapis lazuli.
Her soul drinks nature's ochre, relishing it by the drop.

Like a little bee sucking on thick nectar oozing from flowers unbloomed. 'adulterous!' exclaims the little bee.
Her soul was clear without a single crystal feather in it.
Her thoughts – erratic and below the surface of who she was.
Her smile, a wonderful construct of society’s nonsense.

Pearls or powder - does it matter?
She had no teeth.

Embrace the inner YOU no matter who you are expected to be.
You are beautiful.