Skies of yore

Poetry Jun 1, 2020

The sun bursts into a million flames,
painting the sky with its richness
of light ochers, bright yellows and burnt siennas.
The studded jewels blink in the dusk,
the reds glow, and the browns merge.

The skies wage a mischievous war of beauty;
sculpting flowers, leaves, twigs, barks,
trunks of black and plumes of
a lone raven twirling in the dark.

Bistered with age and time,
she sinks into nature's blue cotton candy.
A cloud of black swirls in the fluff;
like ink dropped in a pool of clear water.

Whatever its form, does it matter?
Sunsets are skyfires draped in silver shrouds
fluttering to the chimes of the wind.

Photo by v2osk on Unsplash


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